eunoia (n.) beautiful thinking, a well mind. pronunciation. "u-noy-a"



(n.) beautiful thinking, a well mind.

pronunciation. "u-noy-a"

Ok. so what's with that name?

Simply put eunoia means beautiful thinking or a well mind.

We at Eunoia Associates believe we should all think beautifully and understand that everyone needs a little help from time to time to maintain a degree of sanity.

The word is derived from the Greek euvoia, and is the shortest word in English to contain all five main vowel graphemes.
Impressive for such a little word.


Our background.

Eunoia Associates is a small but perfectly formed educational consultancy company providing a range of services.

Founded in 2015 by Paul Blott, an MBA graduate with nearly 30 years' experience in the education sector in a range of managerial roles.

We specialise in Strategy and Policy Development, alongside Educational Research and Project Evaluation / Impact Assessment.

As a trained executive coach, Paul understands the pressures placed upon leaders in the employment and skills sector and fosters ways of working to maximise support and project outcomes.





We love what you do.

We know the employment and skills sector well, and know what a fantastic job it does in supporting and improving the life chances of individuals, helping local communities and boosting our economy. We understand the challenges the sector faces and are here to help, providing innovative solutions to your problems.

We are passionate about the sector and do all we can to support and promote its work.


Let's think beautifully together.

We at Eunoia Associates believe the best outcomes are driven in partnership; we take the time to understand your organisation and devise projects which genuinely help you, adding consistent and significant value.

We are proud to work with a range of organisations including;

  • Combined and Local Authorities.
  • Independent Training Providers and Colleges, and their representative bodies.
  • Local Employment Partnerships.
  • Universities.
  • Other Public Sector Organisations.

Contact us to see how we can work together.

eunoia associates llp.

Partnership No. OC403330. Registered Office:

83 Churchgate




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