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Newsletter 10: 15th December 2016


Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter - if you like it, forward to colleagues and follow us on social media, if not let us know and we will improve.


In the news recently:


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Now that the dust has settled following Register & tender applications, we can all hopefully take a bit of time to relax and reflect.


Merry Christmas all, and here's to a prosperous new year.


2017 will be an exciting, but challenging time for our sector. Apprenticeship reform means big changes, and it's full impact is only 4 months away.


Stay ahead of the pack by booking support from the apprenticeship change experts and hit the floor running in January.


New Funding Rates: All apprenticeship funding rates change from 1 May 2017, to help providers to understand the impact of change we have designed a range of "free" cohort and qualification modellers - contact Paul on 07740429624 and we happily send you the models.

Qualification Achievement Rates: The SFA have announced that provisional QAR data for 2015/16 will be uploaded for individual providers - week commencing 19th December. Now what was that I said about a relaxing Christmas. More.


Find an Apprentice: The beta of the website has gone live, allowing individuals, parents and employers to search for apprenticeships and local, relevant providers. The site is a great marketing opportunity for providers - and is destined to become the equivalent of school league tables, as the go to source for apprenticeship information. Ensure your details are correct and that you "market" your programmes effectively - the site links directly to provider websites and will therefore also increase traffic to your landing page. More.

Digital Apprenticeship Service: Take an early look at the service which will be available to employers from January 2017 in this youtube video. Extremely useful in enabling providers to support and explain the system to your employers.

We continue to work in partnership with Greater Merseyside Learning Providers' Federation to deliver 2 free consultancy days to all members. Eighteen providers have been supported so far, and feedback has been amazing.


To discuss or book your slot contact us on 07740429624 or email us at






Newsletter 09: 5th October 2016


Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter - if you like it, forward to colleagues and follow us on social media, if not let us know and we will improve.


In the news recently:





We continue to work in partnership with Greater Merseyside Learning Providers' Federation to deliver 2 free consultancy days to all members. Thirteen providers have been supported so far, and feedback has been amazing.


To discuss or book your slot contact us on 07740429624 or


SFA delay the register of apprentice training providers - the Agency announced on the 28th September that the new register specifically for apprenticeship providers which was due to open on 3rd October has been delayed. This is due to amendments being made to the register as a result of the recent consultation on its operation. The Agency indicated that a revised timetable would be announced shortly. So far indication look like the register will open towards the end of October. More


No delay despite delay - The FE have confirmed that that despite the delay to the register there would be no further delays to the apprenticeship reform process and that the Levy would launch as planned in April, and new funding arrangements would be in place for 1 May 2017. More


Save our Apprenticeships - in response to the governments funding proposals for apprenticeships, and in particular the rates for 16-18 year old learners - FE Week launched a campaign in its words to save our Apprenticeships. Over 500 people have pledged support for the campaign and a rally was held at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool. 50 MPs led by David Lammy have written to the government asking them to reconsider proposals. More


Apprenticeship Standards - The funding proposals highlight that post May 2017 Standards will be funded at a higher rate than their equivalent framework compatriots. There are now 145 standards available for delivery, with more arriving on an almost daily basis. Recent additions include payroll administrator, aviation ground operative, sports turf operative. More


Shadow CEO Institute for Apprenticeships - Peter Lauener Chief Executive of the EFA and SFA has been announced as the shadow CEO for the Institute. Peter will carry carry out this roll on a part time basis alongside his other responsibilities. More


Newsletter 08: 6th September


Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter - if you like it, forward to colleagues and follow us on social media, if not let us know and we will improve.


In the news recently:


NAO publish Apprenticeships Report - "Delivering value through the apprenticeship programme". The NAO raise concerns regarding apprenticeship reforms and the opportunities for financial abuse - especially pertinent in the light of AELP information that some employers are attempting to "charge" providers for access to their levy funds.


The key findings include that the DfE should:


1. Set out the planned overall impact on productivity and growth, along with short term key performance indicators to measure the apprenticeship programme's success.


2. Ensure that the timescale for further development of Trailblazer standards remains realistic, and is well communicated to employers and providers.


3. Improves the way it handles key risks, interdependencies and contingencies across the various elements of the programme.


4. Do more to understand how employers, training providers and assessment bodies may respond to ongoing reforms, and develop robust ways of reacting quickly should instances of market abuse emerge.

5. Determine the respective roles of government bodies and the Institute for Apprenticeships, with particular regard to: overseeing the quality of apprenticeship training; and collecting and analysing relevant data and metrics. More.


Apprenticeship Funding -  August saw the publication of the long awaited apprenticeship funding details. However, they where published as a set of proposal documents with calls for comments by 5th September. You can read all about the proposals regarding funding and the introduction of the apprenticeship register on our dedicated webpage. More.


Responses -  The proposals have certainly sparked some controversy, (with 50 Labour MPs writing to the skills minister) particularly surrounding proposals to reduce funding rates for a range of 16-18 frameworks, the introduction of co-investment for 16-18 learners in companies with over 50 employees, the removal of area and disadvantaged uplift, and the proposal that all providers delivering full frameworks / standards can no longer subcontract through a lead provider. AELP drew together responses from it's membership and the coordinated response can be found here. More.


Apprenticeship Standards - the funding reform proposals incentivise standards by increasing the differential between unit rates for standards and frameworks.


Digital Apprenticeship Service - SFA announce that employers and providers will have the opportunity to road test the new service ahead of it's roll out. More.


GCSE results show record decline - Grades down to the lowest level since 2008, the overall proportion of entrants achieving A* to C has declined from 69% to 66.9%. More.


PMs apprenticeship advisor - no more - Nadhim Zahawi is no longer the apprenticeship advisor to the PM. Appointed in November 2015, it is now unclear who his successor is to be,  and / or whether the post will continue under new PM Theresa May. More.


Newsletter 07: July 2016


Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter - if you like it, forward to colleagues and follow us on social media, if not let us know and we will improve.


In the news recently:


Well it's all happening - except it isn't. We have a new PM, a new apprenticeship minister (Robert Halfon) and responsibility for skills has passed to the Department for Education - but we have not had any updates since April on the apprenticeship reforms. Currently the new minister is yet to give his first interview, but he has recruited an apprentice. Only another 2,999,999 to go. More


No news is good news. At least that's what they say.  FEweek announced that updated guidance on the levy / apprenticeship reforms may not be forthcoming until September. More reason for providers to take the information already available and ensure they have robust plans in place, April is just around the corner. More


Apprenticeships in the spotlight again, the Public Accounts Committee has announced that it will again review apprenticeships this autumn. An interesting time to review given the ministerial changes and impending overhaul of the programme and it's funding.


Standards gather further momentum. There are now 122 apprenticeship standards ready for delivery. 78 or 64% of which are at Level two and three. The question for providers and employers is when do we take plunge? Check out the full list. More


Skills Funding Agency announce senior staffing structure and 2016/17 Business Plan. See in pictures the new structure of the SFA. More And what they are trying to achieve. More



News:18th July


As we continue to wait patiently for further info relating to apprenticeship reforms - particularly how they impact upon non levy payers. It is important for providers to make sure that they are reform ready. We are experts in analysing your readiness and helping you to undertake the activity necessary to maximise the opportunities available.

















Newsletter 06: June 2016


Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter - if you like it, forward to colleagues and follow us on social media, if not let us know and we will improve.


In the news recently:







We continue to work in partnership with Greater Merseyside Learning Providers' Federation to deliver 2 free consultancy days to all members. To discuss or book your slot contact us on 07740429624 or


Well Brexit - obviously. AELP Chief asks for the referendum result not to delay introduction of the apprenticeships levy. More


45% of attendees at the AELP conference voted that the biggest issue regarding apprenticeship reform is the funding of non levy payer / SME apprenticeships.


The announcement that never was. Government had promised that additional information on apprenticeship reform would be published during June - including how non levy payers could access funding. There will be a little delay - says skills minister Mr Nick Boles. More


Is this the announcement that was due to be made? FE week reported that Government is considering paying £9 for every £1 invested in apprenticeships by non levy paying employers. More


Martin Dawe criticises the scale of subcontracting, and emphasises that more funding should go to those providers who can directly deliver apprenticeships. More


Area Review - skills minister urges Manchester colleges to be more ambitious. More


SFA announces that all credible growth cases have been accepted, providers should note that this was a limited exercise governed by priorities - are you delivering against these priorities? More


Newsletter 05: May 2016


In the news recently:







We continue to work with Greater Merseyside Learning Providers' Federation to deliver 2 free consultancy days to all members. To discuss or book your slot contact us on 07740429624 or


FEweek announced that Rachel Sandby Thomas will be leaving the role as shadow chief executive of the Institute for Apprenticeships. More


During May the SFA highlighted a range of new apprenticeship standards in development. Including Entrepreneurship at Level 4. More


Conversely the SFA also announced the second batch of 60 apprenticeship frameworks which will be withdrawn for new starts from 1 December 2016. More


The new apprenticeship marketing campaign launched - "Get in Go Far" - A multi media campaign, which providers and stakeholders can also promote. It provides information and support to young people, employers, teachers and parents. More


Support the campaign by wearing your twibbon with pride. Yes its a new one on me too, but come on guys. More


Supporting apprentices. SFA announced in Update 310 that a new trial scheme of support is now available for apprentices with mental health issues. The service is free, completely confidential and is initially available in 4 geographic areas. More



Newsletter 04: April 2016


In the news recently:







GMLPF members to receive free consultancy: eunoia are working in partnership with the Greater Merseyside Learning Providers' Federation to support its members at this time of great challenges and opportunities with 2 free days of consultancy time. To find out more or to book your free consultancy, members contact


FEweek produce fantastic analysis of how independent training providers' are fairing under latest inspection regime. More.


BIS published updated Levy guidance on 21st April, with promise of more to come in June. See our update Here or to visit the official page click. More.


National Insurance contributions have been removed for apprentices aged under 25 - now even better value for employers to recruit young people. More.


Transition grants of upto £100k announced to support significant changes following area review, such as college closure, mergers, creation of multi-academy trusts. More.


SFA will consult on new criteria for the register of training organisations (ROTO) - ensuring it provides the detail employers will want in the future. More.


27th April saw the latest evidence given to the Careers advice, information and guidance inquiry. More.




Newsletter 03: March 2016


Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter.


If you like it please send the link to colleagues, if not let us know.


Don't forget to also visit our Levy page aimed at providing regular information to demystify the apprenticeship changes. More

Also we are now on linkedin  and twitter                              so come and join us.



In the news during March (it will soon be Christmas):


The SFA published an interactive register of apprentice assessment organisations, essential for providers delivering or considering delivering trailblazers. More



Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) published further updates regarding how the Levy will work in practice. More



SFA published very positive provider allocations for 2016 to 17 and explanations regarding how they have been calculated. More



A gentle reminder, about paragraph 52 of the funding rules. Don't forget that SFA funded providers must return subcontractor declarations by Friday, 15 April. Payments will be withheld if the deadline is missed. More



Skills Minister, Nick Boles wrote to the sector on 24 March - the accompanying skills reform brief makes for interesting reading. More



16-18 apprenticeship start volumes continue to rise, but adult apprenticeships dip. 1,100 starts on new apprenticeship standards. More



The minister made a statement to the House of Commons on apprenticeships10 March. More



25% of businesses that employ apprentices are growing, compared to only 6% that don't. More




Newsletter 02: February 2016


In the news during February (even the special 29th day):


The SFA have today published qualification achievement rates today (Feb 29th). Providers can access their own 2014/15 success rates by accessing the HUB. More



No getting away from it BREXIT will have an impact upon many facets of life - even training. More



I.T, Software, Web and Telecoms Professionals apprenticeship framework unit rates reduced from 1st April. More



The SFA is looking for additional providers to deliver Advanced Learner Loans activity. Go encourage people to train. More



And in a similar vein, it has been announced that the opportunity to subcontract out loans activity has been is being removed from 2017/18. More



Interesting SFA document on funding or not higher risk organisations - highlights the circumstances in which the Agency would not consider working with a provider. More



Check out the events happening over apprenticeship week, and detail anything you and yours are doing. It's 2 weeks away and the map is getting very full. More



Apprenticeship Commons Inquiry launched with calls for organisations to provide written evidence by midday Friday 18th March. Go on have your say. More



Newsletter 01: January 2016


In the news recently:


Skills Funding Agency publish funding rules, funding rates, and formula for 2016 to 2017. Every providers bible, and essential reading. More



Government announce Ofsted grade 3 providers' can directly deliver flagship traineeship programme. More



A gentle reminder that third round ESF tenders are due by February 5th. Covers provision in Cumbria, New Anglia, Cheshire & Warrington, Worcestershire, Lancashire. Get bidding guys. More



Nick Boles - new consultation on 2.3% of workers in public sector bodies to be apprentices. A tremendous opportunity for providers. More



Don't worry, you haven't missed it - more information is due re levy and small business. More



New law to ensure apprenticeship providers are allowed access into schools to give careers advice. An end to outdated snobbery? More



A view on the impact of clause 2.2 of "English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision" - if you haven't read it yet, see below and take 100 lines - I must read the vision, I must read the vision etc. More



Simply a must read for everyone - however you are involved with apprenticeships. "English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision. The call to arms for increasing the quality and quantity of apprenticeships. More



A thought provoking article on the virtues of prime contractors. More



Finally, I couldn't write a news update without including something about my home area - the Liverpool City Region. This recently published report on making the most of devolution is a very interesting read. More




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